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Drip Coffee

Stop in for our freshly brewed drip coffee to get your motor running. Feel free to add an espresso shot to boost your perk.

 Café au Lait

This coffee drink has taken many names over the years. Café au Lait means coffee with milk and is made with 50% drip coffee and 50% steamed milk for the perfict creamy and light coffee

Red Eye (Caffeine Monster)

Our Red Eye is the most caffeinated coffee you can get. It consists of a drip coffee with 2-3 added shots of espresso depending on the size.


Strong, smooth and simple. You can’t go wrong with a traditional Americana  The Americana consists of several shots of espresso topped off with hot water.


Straight Espresso is not for the faint of heart. Espresso is the most concentrated form of coffee and it’s meant to be consumed within 15 seconds of brewing as it will begin to sour when it mixes with air. Drink it Fast!

Espresso Con Panna

Espresso Con Panna means “espresso with cream” in Italian. It is a single or double shot of espresso topped with whipped cream. The cream blends with the espresso and creates a very tasty pick me up.



In its simplest form a Latte is is made with several espresso shots and steamed milk. It can be flavored to your liking by adding any combination of caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate etc. Our Lattes are also available in fat free, sugar free and non-dairy (almond milk or soy milk).


Most mochas are lattes that have been flavored with chocolate or white chocolate.  Our Tuxedo is a variation of chocolate and white chocolate mixed. The best of both worlds in one cup.

 Chai Latte & Dirty Chai

Our Chai Latte is made from a special Chai blend steamed milk.  The Dirty Chai version is variation of the standard Chai with a special boost of espresso.

Steamers & Hot Chocolate

These are our popular non-caffeinated drinks. Steamers are steamed milk with a flavor of your choice. Our hot chocolate is made with milk, chocolate or white chocolate syrup and steamed to perfection.

Iced Coffee Options

All of our coffee and tea drinks can be made in the iced version. Perfect for the hot days when you need a cool down and a caffeine boost.

Hot Tea

For the days that you need that cozy feeling inside. We offer several rotating flavors of hot tea. Make it English style by adding milk.